How to Keep Your Kitchen Cool this Summer

How to Keep Your Kitchen Cool this Summer

Now that summer is here, the outside isn’t the only place that heats up.  Spending time cooking in the kitchen along with the combination of the outdoor heat can make your kitchen feel uncomfortable at times.  There are several things you can do to keep your kitchen feeling cool throughout the hot summer months so that it can be easily enjoyed while preparing meals and hosting parties.  Check out our list below on how to keep your kitchen cool this summer!

Kitchen Windows

Kitchen windows are great for several reasons.  Not only do they add natural lighting to the room from the sun but they are a big factor in keeping your kitchen feeling cooler.  More windows means better air flow and ventilation.  Having additional windows allows you to get rid of the excess heat from the oven.  There are many different window styles to choose from that can fit any kitchen decor.  Adding more windows will allow the homeowner to enjoy the cool summer breeze.  

Range Hood

The great benefit of the range hood is that it helps remove heat from your kitchen.  If the heat is coming from your oven or the steam that comes off your food on the cooktop, it will go right through the vent hood.  The built in fan blower is designed to get rid of excess heat that the oven and stove create.  By getting rid of that excess heat, it will make your cooking and dining experience more enjoyable.

Tile Floor

Not only is tile floor easy to clean but it also will keep you cool! Tile floors retain much less heat than wooden ones, and of course tile comes in a variety of materials, sizes and colors, making it perfect for every room in your home. Tile floor will add style and keep you cooler in the kitchen especially during these hot summer months.  



Ceiling Fan

Adding a ceiling fan to your kitchen is a great inexpensive way to keep your kitchen feeling cooler.  They don’t require a lot of energy and they valuable all year round.  The combination of windows and fan in the summer will definitely cool down your kitchen.


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