Job Well Done

When I sent out feelers for replacement of an undercounter cabinet, you quickly responded and came to my home for more details.

In all my years of dealing with contractors, none have been as thorough as you.  You answered all my questions.  You knew exactly what I wanted, even making suggestions that I had not thought about; like building new drawers and using the original facings.

Haydon, your installer, was just as thorough as you, explaining what he would be doing and when.  He kept us apprised of his progress and cleaned the work area when completed.

Based on my experience with your company, I would recommend you and Mergen Co. to anyone looking for a remodeler.

Thanks again Peter, you have made my wife very happy!

Listened, Planned, Revised and Executed as Professionals

We had visions of changing the interior of our home, including remodeling our den, transforming a hallway into a walk-in closet, enlarging doorways, replacing doors and rebuilding a sill in a bay window.  We required a contractor that could turn random thoughts into reality. We found that contractor in the Mergen Co.  Peter met with us several times, listening to our ideas, presenting plans and adjusting them each time we met.  Peter made it clear, if we weren’t satisfied with his plans or prices, there was no obligation.  Needless to say, we moved forward.

On several occasions, we requested modifications to the original plans.  These requests presented no problem for Haydon, Bill, Brian, Keith and Kris.  As promised, disruption was kept to a minimum, even though the project involved working in several different areas of our home at the same time.  From the beginning of the remodeling project to its conclusion, the entire team at Mergen Co. listened, planned, revised and executed as professionals.  Perhaps the best testimonial concerning the Mergen Co. is this: we will definitely contact Peter and his team for our future remodeling needs.

Nick D, Huntingdon Valley, PA

Project Completed April 2017

professional, honest, trustworthy, excellent at problem solving

Recently Mergen Co constructed a new wrap-around, screened porch at the rear of my house.

I am absolutely delighted with the result  It's well-designed, solidly constructed and blends in so well it looks as though it was always part of the house.  It is really going to expand my enjoyment of outdoor living!

I cannot recommend Peter and his team too highly. They have often worked  for me in the past although this is the first time they have built a completely new addition.  Past work has been mostly repair and/or replacement of existing structure.   They are professional, honest, trustworthy and excellent at problem solving!

At the same time they reconstructed and insulated an existing glassed-in porch to make it an integral part of the house which has given me much-needed extra indoor space..

The work was completed on budget and on schedule.

Thanks for a great job.

J. Stroh

Project Completed January 2017

Clear, Detailed Proposals

They checked with us at every stage, to be sure they were doing what we wanted. It was hard work and noisy and messy, but they did everything to our satisfaction, and in a timely fashion. They cleaned up after themselves. We have never before dealt with a company who gave such clear and detailed proposals, and who also followed up, to make sure that we were happy with the job.

As a side note, when we bought this house we came across a 1988 proposal of work by the same company, to be done in the same house, and the proposal was just as clear and detailed then, and, obviously, the previous owner had also hired Mergen Company.

J. Blair, Huntingdon Valley, PA

Highly Experienced, Highly Talented Craftsmen

In recent years we decided to hire someone to renovate our home, for we wanted it to be in good shape for our retirement years. Our house needed new siding, roof and gutters. We wanted to change the look of our living room and renovate our kitchen. We wanted to turn a bedroom into a laundry room and a powder room into a third full bathroom. The fire place in the family room needed a transformation and our deck needed rebuilding.  For this work we decided to hire the Mergen Company, for we had heard that they do beautiful work of high quality and are really trustworthy. We had seen some examples of their work.

They did renovations over a period of 1 ½ years while we lived in our house. We all got along very well. They are very considerate and thoughtful re keeping noise down. They controlled the spaces so that dust and debris did not spread. They cleaned up dust and debris every day. Mr. M is highly experienced and his crew are highly talented craftsmen. They accommodated numerous minor changes that we had as the work progressed. They communicated very well, so that we knew what and when to expect work to be done. The work was finished two years ago and everything works very well. We appreciate the high quality of the workmanship. Mr. Mergen is a very honest and fine person. He helped us decide on renovation plans and contributed his valuable insights and elegant taste.

J. Collins, Huntingdon Valley, PA

On-Time, On-Budget

Based on a referral from friends we asked Peter to build an enclosed porch for us.

Excellent. Showroom quality finishing. Professional and courteous throughout the project.

From the beginning, Peter was highly professional and managed our expectations consistently. The project was completed on-time and on-budget and according to the scope of the agreement. The staff on Peter's team and his sub contractors were all highly professional and reliable. More than one year after the project is completed, we are still very pleased with the quality of the finishing and the new room.

We plan on returning to Peter for future home renovation projects that include additions or interior remodeling and highly recommend Peter and his team.

J. Terr, Elkins Park

Honest, Skilled, and Professional Contractors.

I highly recommend Mergen and Company as honest, skilled, and professional contractors.

We called Mergen and Company to repair the internal and extermal wall, stud, and sill damage caused by termites.  Peter came promptly to inspect the wall and provided a realistic and fair range cost estimate. 

Once we agreed on a start date, his colleagues Ryan and Chris, arrived promptly and proceeded with the work with professionalism and courtesy. 

When the extent of the damage became apparent after Ryan removed the interior wall, the cost estimate was clarified, but still within the range Peter had originally provided. 

Chris and Ryan worked as a good team, removing the damaged studs and insulation, providing a thermal and water-proof lining on the gypsum wall, reinsulating, sistering the remaining studs with new wood, and installing a new sill that had been completely obliterated by the termites. They also removed pipes and cables that had become obsolete and properly reinstalled plumbing that they had had to remove in order to do the work properly.  Ryan then installed the new sheet rock, and over a couple of days he and Chris cured it and painted it. 

Ryan and Chris took photos of every step of the project, as requested. The project took 9 days, with the work being completed meticulously and properly by these honest and skilled carpenters.  The finished wall looks far better than the wall has ever looked in  the 11 years that we have lived in the house.

I would definitely use Mergen and Company again, and would recommend them to others in need of a good contractor.

A. Keane, Huntingdon Valley, PA

Very Organized, Professional, Personable

Mergen Company removed 2 existing bay windows & installed 2 new customer purchased bay windows.

Peter Mergen was very organized & professional. He came to my home exactly on time. He presented a detailed contract concerning the work to be done, and explained every aspect of it. His employees showed up exactly on time each day during the install. They were very diligent and precise in all areas of the work. They were very polite and personable & took extra care in keeping my home clean and in order. They pointed out some rotted wood and the need for insulation in one area. They purchased the needed wood and insulation to be sure the install was properly done.

Most contractors would have simply put the window in to get done as soon as possible, and i would have never known there was a problem. Mergen Company did not rush the job at all, and made sure everything was done correctly.

I have dealt with many contractors over the past 45 years, and Peter Mergen is definitely one of the best. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who wants a job well done.

J. Stay, Churchville

Professional, Dependable, Top Notch

I just had to tell you how happy and satisfied Glenn and I are with the work you and your team did on our home. The craftsmanship is so evident when you look at our back wall, the back windows and the roofs on the laundry room, the garage, and especially the front door. Our expectations were met and then went beyond. I can’t wait to see the front windows go in.

You and your team were very professional. The work is exceptional (a job that “Norm” would be proud of), the mess was cleaned up every day, the team was very dependable, and you were wonderful and patient in trying to meet our needs and desires. You spent a lot of time working with us, giving us estimates and then re-doing the work when we decided we wanted to try it another way.

There is absolutely no question in our minds that we found the perfect contractor to do the work we wanted done. We know that everything was done in a topnotch quality way. We would never hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking for a top contractor to do work on their home. Please feel free to use Glenn and I as a reference. We would be only too happy to let others know that they are getting sound quality work done by your company.

I look forward to doing more business with you in the future.

Thanks again!
Glenn and Gloryannne, Warminster, PA

Quality, Craftsmanship, Courtesy & Honesty

Just a note of appreciation for the work you did on our family room. We are delighted. It exceeds our expectations.

The excellent outcome was due to several factors:

  • The highest quality material appropriate to the need. The custom birch millwork and doors deserve special mention.
  • Impeccable craftsmanship by all those involved. There are many small touches, not obvious to a casual observer, which combined provide a crispness to the work which is all too often lacking these days. Nor is the superior workmanship confined to the visible, finished work – it also applies to the now invisible structural elements.
  • The many artistic suggestions made by your people and subsequently incorporated into the work added a lot to the final effect. You worked with us to extend and improve our ideas.
  • Noteworthy are: the windows you specified, the suggestion to use Tennessee Sandstone for the hearth and mantle, the grouting style used on the internal brickwork, construction of the alcove to make it symmetrical and as wide as possible, shading and matching the woodwork from dark at the bottom to light at the top, details on the bookcases, the molding on the glass door.
  • An innovative approach to the solution of the many small problems which are inevitable for such projects.
  • Courteous, honest, pleasant craftsman, all of whom exhibited a sensitivity to our needs. All are welcome in our home.
  • A continuous effort to keep dirt, dust, and debris down to the minimum reasonable levels and to take the care needed to avoid damaging or staining the driveway, adjacent brickwork, etc.

We look forward to working with you on our kitchen project. Feel free to use us as a reference at any time.

Boris and Ruth, Huntingdon Valley, PA