Thoughtfulness, Integrity & Outstanding Talent

Despite the awkwardness of having a building project going in one’s home, you and your crew made everything so much easier than we could have imagined. From day one, the quality of everyone who worked here truly inspired us, and helped us get through those months of disruption to our lives.

I appreciated everyone’s thoughtfulness, hard work, outstanding building talent, and kind communication skills, through every stage of the project. I was thrilled that when problems arose we were able to solve them quickly and calmly. We were so appreciative that Kris figured out the engineering necessary to leave the bedroom space open in the ceiling without extra beams.

Everyone comments on the beauty of the space, which each one of you helped to embody. I felt as if family were working here day by day: Kris, Jessie, Gordon, both Brians, and even the other sub-contractors who came and went. We appreciated each and every one of them for their personalities and their talents. Each one of them helped to create the beauty we now enjoy.

I have to particularly mention the excellence of Jessie Johnson’s work, as well as his deliberate and gentle temperament with everything; many times he went the extra mile with questions I had or by showing me something that took some extra time in his day. His presence here week after week was foundational, inspiring, and reassuring. And it is important for me to also say how wonderful Kris was in every regard; his outstanding managerial skills combined with his caring personality made every aspect of the job fluid and creative.

It must be a joy to you to have created such a powerful team – full of integrity and good will, and profoundly skilled in their work. You deserve high praise for maintaining a company of such quality. Thank you for everything, Peter.

Suzanne and Robin, Willow Grove, PA

Willingness, Effort & Expert Work Beyond All Expectations

I am writing this letter to acknowledge our gratitude and overwhelming satisfaction with the remodeling work your company has performed for us.

We first contemplated an addition to our home nearly 3 years ago. We engaged a wonderful architect and began planning in earnest. Finally, in fall 2007 we were ready to select a builder. It was a large project (new kitchen, new dining room, new office, and new deck out back). We interviewed three reputable builders, including Mergen.

Needless to say, Mergen Co. provided the most comprehensive plan, a willingness to work with the architectural renderings, and, importantly, a willingness to work with some of the sub-contractors we have used for years. These elements immediately separated Mergen from all others and the decision became quite simple for us.

We engaged you and your team, not the least of whom was your project manager, Kris. Kris’ team effort from the first day to the last was just simply beyond all expectations. Not only was your crew skilled, they were also friendly, thoughtful, respectful, helpful, and treated all aspects of the building and remodeling project as if it were being done to their very own homes.

Today we have a gorgeous new kitchen, a spacious dining room, an extremely useful home office space, and a wonderful deck out in the backyard. This would not have been possible but for Mergen Co. Builders & Remodelers’ expert work and Kris’ expert project management and oversight.

We welcome the opportunity to recommend Mergen Co. to our family, friends, and neighbors, and excitedly anticipate doing so. The first question everyone asks is “who did your kitchen; it’s gorgeous?” The answer is simple: Mergen Co. Builders.

A firm you can trust and a team that can build!

Very gratefully,
E. M. Mayer, Esq., Churchville, PA