Bradley Bathroom

NARI Bucks Mont 2015 Meritorious Award

Besides the fact that the bathroom needed updating, the client had four requests:

1. Increase the size of the bathroom itself – it was too small for their needs.

2. Fix and update the shower - Increase size and the amount of light - Update the surround with an open concept including half walls - More storage for shampoo and soaps

3. Add a vanity so that more than one person could use the bathroom at a time.

4. Design integration between floors, walls and shower.

The original shower door had a narrow opening. The closed, dark feeling of the original shower was addressed by making the side walls half-height with glass above. The lack of shower storage needed to be addressed. Multiple shelves were a key detail in the new design. Four shelves were incorporated into the shower walls for the desired extra storage. Small, darker tile for the floor contrasts nicely with the lighter, large tiles on the walls. The original vanity was situated tightly between the shower wall and door wall. Adding a double vanity would be difficult, even with additional space. Matching single vanities became the solution. Extras like a built in lighted mirror added functionality to the finished product. The wall outside the bathroom was wasted space, even with a dressing/makeup table. The ability to extend the bathroom footprint to include this area was a key to an open floorplan and the addition of a second vanity. Matching tile was used throughout. The glass (extra thick at ½ inch) around the shower allowed for light to come from the lights in the bathroom and the window. An item worth saving and re-using: A generous mirrored storage cabinet.

The finished product: Functional, Spacious, a Beauty!