Bathroom Remodel

Serenity in dove grey and white

Radway Bathroom and Kitchen

NARI Bucks Mont 2015 Meritorious Award

Besides the fact that the bathroom needed updating, the client had four requests:

1. Increase the size of the bathroom itself – it was too small for their needs.

2. Fix and update the shower - Increase size and the amount of light - Update the surround with an open concept including half walls - More storage for shampoo and soaps

3. Add a vanity so that more than one person could use the bathroom at a time.

4. Design integration between floors, walls and shower.

Collins Residence

The Collins family wanted to make the most of their outdoor space and to add more light and beauty to their kitchen and bathroom. The previous owner had built an addition and a makeshift porch above it. Our team developed a plan to beautify the structure and bring it up to code by; repairing the ceiling, installing a new roofing membrane, and rebuilding the walk way, stairs and removable floor sections, allowing them to finally enjoy their new low-maintenance second floor deck.