Campbell Addition

This place has gone to the dogs.  It was designed that way!  On the plans this room is called the "Dog Room".  That is what the homeowners call it today.  It really is a family room designed for their several dogs.  A family room that can be used by the whole family.  There are lots of windows, French doors to the outside and big double doors to the adjoining living room.  Entertaining is easy because transitions from one room to another, or even outside, are easy.

The brick tile floor has good traction so the dogs won't slip, and weathers rainy and snowy days like a champ.  The floor also ties this room with the rest of the house.  The front hall has a preexisting brick floor.  The siding is of modern materials, cement board, but resembles the clapboard on the original house, and the roof lines are similar.  The homeowners didn't want to try to fool anyone into thinking this addition was built with the original house, but they wanted it to belong.  We are proud to say we helped make their vision a reality by accomplishing that.