Bright Kitchen Transformation

Our latest project found us transforming an old kitchen.  The homeowners had several goals, including opening up the space to the attached sunroom and solving traffic problems created by the existing layout.  Beyond that they were looking for an updated look, storage options, better countertops and new appliances.

The process started with the plans for the new layout.  We removed a peninsula that was blocking the full entrance to the sunroom and replaced it with an island.  The placement of the refrigerator was moved to an underutilized space, allow us to add more countertop and storage – not only where the refrigerator used to be, but in its new location.

Organization was also a key, and pull out storage was added to the left of the dishwasher along with dedicated space for spices and cooking utensils. Tray storage was also added next to the dishwasher.

Along with new stainless steel appliances, we added sanded in place hardwood oak floors, quartz countertops and under cabinet lighting.

A beautiful well organized kitchen was the result!